Agency Services

Level up your marketing with our measurable and proven strategies delivered through a variety of customizable services. 

You name it, we’ve done it: BRM’s unique position and experience in the marketplace has allowed us to partner with some of the world’s largest brands and technology companies across a wide spectrum of program sophistication. With an audience first approach to all of our media planning, we go beyond channel silos and standalone tactics. Put simply, we’ll help get your business in front of the right people at the right time. We leverage a variety of audience targeting techniques and determine which channels and partners will maximize the impact of your media dollars. We also make sure to only recommend strategies that can be executed based on budget and resource availability.

Core Performance Channels

Our team takes pride in having a deep understanding of all performance marketing channels including Paid Social, Paid Search, Shopping, Email, SMS, Amazon and Programmatic/ABM display. This includes staying well-versed in all of the individual engines and 3rd party DSPs. We also support the affiliate/aggregator channel for lead generation and sales. In addition to the above, we leverage video strategies as well as newer mediums such as connected TV and streaming services while mixing in traditional mediums that still work today such as Direct Mail and sound SEO.

Data & Analytics

Data & analytics are part of everything that we do. We have rich experience across web, customer attribution, and overall business analytics. We are tool agnostic experts that offer the right balance of art and science. We have worked with most major data stacks in addition to proprietary tools within our partnerships.

Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Great brands mean great business. We offer all aspects of strategy including brand development, website, social media and content creation. We believe in supporting a brand holistically whether as part of a digital engagement or stand-alone strategic project. We specialize in market analysis, audience segmentation, and tailored testing approaches to drive growth.

Our Approach

We provide marketing strategies that outlive today’s buzzwords and the hottest platforms. Our team creates blueprints and roadmaps that are built on the foundation of who you are and what you do. We start with the “why” and analyze consumer decisions regarding your product or service. Then, we dig deep into your best customers and investigate the reasons around why they stay or continue to return. Ultimately our goal is to find and attract more long-term customers in better optimized and cost-effective ways.

Our Team is Your Team

We do the work. We don’t pass it off to someone you don’t know. Our model is designed to keep experts focused on your business and we achieve this in two ways:

We are experienced in working with budgets and target markets of all shapes and sizes. In addition, if your business needs a service that we don’t consider a core competency, we will source a tried-and-true partner for a more seamless experience.